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The mind is like an umbrella

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

An intriguing, cutting-edge topic of our times, that inspired our team to work closely with two brain scientists, namely Orestis Giotakos and Vana Papakitsou.

An aspiration of Orestis Giotakos

Empowering the public to, first, gain awareness of brain issues and then, further improve mental health, is the aspiration of Orestis Giotakos and his team of scientists. By bringing together scientific research and field expertise and by creating the conditions for co-operation between scientists of different fields, obrela aims to be a hub to foster dialogue and understanding of mental health issues.

The mind is like an umbrela...

We designed a fresh identity of the non-profit organisation and a brand new web site. The objective was to inform and educate both scientists and the public of the obrela main pillars of interest and action, in a friendly, comprehensive and extrovert way.

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